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Post by NerdomRising on Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:49 pm

I am NerdomRising and I am one of the first members of the Left Alliance

I have elected to maintain maximum anonymity, however one the critical piece of information to know about me is I value science and intellectualism above all else

As far as where I stand politically, I am a -3.25 in the left/right axis and -6.46 in the libertarian/authoritarian axis, though ironically my ideal government is a technocratic oligarchy in which a council of the most intelligent people of a nation assert a totalitarian rule.

That's about the gist of me, message me if you want to be friends because I am hella lonely Wink

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Re: NerdomRising

Post by Signlight on Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:12 pm

hella lonely  Wink

I don't know if technocratic oligarchy is in our best interests- a small group of people with large amounts of power would be inclined towards things that benefit them at our expense. I think that even though science is important, especially in society's future, that it would be foolish to have it enforced-especially by a minority.

This concept has already been tried out in a way: theocracy- in both situations a large majority of people are led by a small majority of people who know more about something that the population can't begin to understand. While I get the differences between science and religion, they're both things that can be used as excuses for totalitarian control while preventing people from attaining that knowledge so that those who are in power, stay in power.

Furthermore, science doesn't address many sociopolitical issues. Where does science stand on equal marriage? Science is commonly cited to explain how it's unnatural. Where does science stand on welfare? It was used as the basis of Social Darwinism- a branch of capitalism so cutthroat and corrupt that even the Republican Party distances themselves from it. Where does science stand on race relations? The study of eugenics (it was later discredited and removed from the scientific body), was used as a scientific rationale for the Nazi Party. Who's to say that won't happen with a made-up branch of science targeting women? Other racial minorities? Further attacking the LGBT community?

All in all, scientific information is easily corrupted when it's the basis for a nation that will do anything to stay in power. I think we could see a situation where false science (Alternative Data) is used to beat down the populace- that they're not worthy to work or participate in government- that they can't hope to topple the oligarchy. When all your information is simply based off you saying whatever it takes to stay in power- when you and you alone decide what is right and wrong, what is true and what is false- that's not just a dictatorship- it's a theocracy with you as god. Be careful down the line of oligarchy- it can't end well for everyone.

(P.S. It'd be better if we continued the conversation under Alliance Ideologies Wink )

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