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The March for Science Empty The March for Science

Post by NerdomRising on Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:13 pm

In response to many of the anti-scientific stances and actions taken by the current administration in the United States such as rampant denying of climate change, the appointment of a climate change denier to the head of the EPA, the white house hiding data that supports climate change, and many others that don't relate to climate change, many people who support science took to the streets on April 22, 2017, also known as Earth Day, in a March for Science. Despite the problem lying almost exclusively with the government in America, cities around the world including London, Paris, Toronto, and many others were flooded with protesters who wanted to see a close relationship between policy and science. The primary protest took place in Washington DC but other notable locations in the US included Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and New York. The protest was unique in that it was not a conservative or liberal event, though there were a a large amount of liberals there, because science has no political side, it just tells what the truth is. While no change has been observed, millions worldwide await patiently to see what happens next.

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