Project Newscaster

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Project Newscaster

Post by Signlight on Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:22 pm

A name that is moderately related to the concept:

This project is purely within the Alliance and is a response to recent events.
For about 5 days, I've been incredibly sick and unable to post news events, despite the insanity of MOAB weapons, NK nukes, and French elections.
Unfortunately, no one else posted these stories or even mentioned them.
I am formally requesting all of you to PLEASE post news or other events in the forum, instead of relying on me to post them.
I suggest NyTimes, Washington Post, or something else, but please post news or commentary on your own.

Thank you, and please do so.

Hey, you read my signature!
-Your local Allied Chairman and Commissar.

(Contact me or the Alliance itself for titles and roles)

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