Avatars and Uniform

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Avatars and Uniform

Post by Signlight on Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:19 pm

In order for some more consistency, with the help of RedLeader I've created some avatar requirements as well as an official L.E.F.T. Alliance uniform!

If you have not, make one!
Blue coat, red dress shirt, black/white striped tie
No face or background rules
I personally request that you don't put in unnecessary objects that forumotion.com provides
No weather, please

Similar to the avatars: blue coat, red dress shirt, black/white striped tie.
The uniform has currently no stance on pants/skirts or the coloring thereof.

Any change requests, post them into the thread! Also, no requesting to remove uniform/avatar requirements, just changes. I think it'll promote unity and solidify our image.

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-Your local Allied Chairman and Commissar.

(Contact me or the Alliance itself for titles and roles)

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