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Post by Signlight on Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:49 am

I understand how putting actual news on April Fools is a bad idea, but recently there seems to be a lack of actual new information. Sure, there's all the Nunes shenanigans, but in the end that's not all together as important.

Here are some continuing stories that shouldn't be forgotten:

Trump turns on Freedom Caucus in a Republican internal war
Growing establishment influence on the White House (for better then for worse)
Trump vowing to continue to fight Obamacare
Growing Chinese influence as American foreign relations strain
Despite the success of removing NC's anti-transgender law, a new one was created that allowed for LGBT discrimination in general
Sanders calls for more democratic resistance to SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch
Democratic calls for a single payer system for healthcare

P.S. You guys can post news too, you know. It's difficult being the only news poster

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